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Our Service

               The Animals and Birds are getting service from here:

1.All Pet Animals: Like Dog,Cat,Hare,Rabbit,Rat etc.

2.All Zoo Animals in captive stage or in Circus Party: Like Bear, Deer, Monkey,Tiger,Lion,Elephant etc.

3.All Pet Birds:  Like Macao, Parrot,Pea-cock,Parakeet,Finch,Cockatoo, Dove. Love birds,Budgerigar, Pigeon etc.

4.All Domestic Animals: Like Cow, Buffalo, Horse, Goat, Sheep etc.

5.All Domestic Birds: Like Poultry, Duck, Goose etc.


1. Treatment : Giving treatment for any type of diseases caused by Bacteria, Virus, Protozoa, Fungus, Worms, Ecto parasites, Malnutrition, Poisons etc for the animals and birds mentioned above. Also any other diseases.

2. Surgery : Any type of operation ( major, minor, simple, complicated) like spaying, neutering, caesarean, fracture etc; tried to do properly and aseptically here. Moreover docking of puppies, hair clipping of long coated breeds, excision of dew claws etc,also done here, even painless killing of incurable diseased dog e.g. Rabies.

3. Vaccination : All available vaccines (local & foreign) are giving from here to the above mentioned animals and birds. An international health & Vaccination book are also given after vaccination, with some most important information about feeding,  puppies rearing, health care, legal tips etc. and 10 years vaccination record space.

4. Pathology : All sorts of pathology like Microscopic Examination, X-ray, Stool Examination, Urine Test, Blood Test etc.

5. Health Certificate & N.O.C : To bring your pet animals , birds, aquarium fish etc. from abroad to Bangladesh or from Bangladesh to other country, vaccination certificate, health certificate and N.O.C from D.G.L.S (Directorate General of Livestock Services) are needed, that also arranged from here.

6.Selling of pet accessories, foods etc : For rearing pets the essential accessories are available here e.g. belt, chain, dog shampoo, dog soap, hair drier, hair brush, tooth brush, feeding & drinking pots, canned foods etc.

7.Dog training : Training is the jewel in the crown- the most important aspect of doggy husbandry. A well-trained, well-behaved and good mannered puppy/ dog is always a joy to live with, but an untrained and uncivilized dog can be a perpetual nightmare. puppies needed training from the age of three months. We are giving puppies training from here.

8. Training Courses on Poultry & Dairy Farming: Conduct training courses on poultry and dairy farming from here also.



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