Pet Care

A variety of equipment is needed for grooming, feeding and exercising a dog. However it is important to choose the right equipment for your particular choice of breed, as requirements differ somewhat. Choosing the right equipment for the right stage in your dog s life will sace you unnecessary trouble and expense. It may be better to defer the purchase of a bed, for instance, until the teething phase has passed, at around nine months of age. A cardboard box will do until then. Otherwise, your expensive purchase may be damaged beyond repair.

 Grooming and coat Care
Grooming is very necessary and important for all breeds of dogs as it performs a number of functions. It allows air to pass through the coat, it removes dirt and dead hair , while at the same time it brings out the natural oil that nourishes the hair It is The friction Caused by the brushing that stimulates the skin and thereby encourages the growth of hair.

This should be done daily as in this way the coat will be kept in it tiptop condition and will be less likely to attract pests. Commence at the neck and work down the back and sides, then brush the chest and finally the legs and tail. Your brushing should be brisk but thorough and, with the corduroy side of the hound glove, remove the finer hairs on the cost’s surface. When this has been completed, go over your dog with your hands to add your own natural oil and finally polish with a clean smooth cloth to five that final sheen to the cost. All brushing should be done in the direction of the lay the hair.

Sleeping Quarters
Encouraging a dog to use its own sleeping quarters from an early age will deter it from

Sleeping on your bed or using the sofa and chairs as substitute.

Depending upon your German Shepherd’s living environment you may wish to bathe her once a week or once a month .lf your dog is a working therapy dog visiting nursing homes and hospitals, she will need to be bathed prior to each visit lf your dog helps herd sheep And then stays inside at night, to be bathed prior to each visit. If your dog helps herd sheep and then stays inside at night, she’ll end to be bathed often. On the other hand, if your dog lives in the house with you and rarely plays outside she may stay clean and odor free for weeks at a time It doesn’t matter how often you bathe your dig-even weekly won’t hurt her-as long as you use a shampoo formulated for dogs that is gentle and conditioning.

How many meals a day?

Individual dogs vary in how much they should cat to maintain a desired body weight-not too fat, but not too thin, puppies need several meals a day, while older dogs may need only one. Determine how much food keeps your adult dog looking and feeling her best. Then decide how many meals you want to feed with that amount. Like us, most dogs love to eat, and offering two meals a day is more enjoyable for them. If you’re worried about overfeeding, make sure you measure correctly and abstain from adding tidbits to the meals.

Whether you feed one or two meals, only leave your dog’s food out for the amount of time it takes her to eat it-10 minutes, for example. Free Feeding (when food is available any time) and leisurely meals encourage picky eating. Don’t worry if your dog doesn’t finish all her dinner in the allotted time. She’ll learn she should.

Vegetables, grains, meats and dairy products all vital components of your dog’s diet. Fortunately, commercial dog foods are nutritionally balanced and easily digestible.

Developing Good Eating Habits
Try to serve your puppy his meals at the same time each day and in the same location so that he will get used to his daily routine and develop good eating habits. A bit of raw egg cottage cheese, or table scraps (leftover food from your own meals) can be offered from time to time but never accustom your dog to eating human junk food .Cake, candy, chocolate, soda, and other snack foods are for people, not dogs. Besides, Besides, these foods provide only empty calories that your pet doesn’t need if he is to stay healthy. Avoid offering. Get in the habit of feeding your puppy or your grown dog his own daily meals of dog food. If ever you are in doubt about what foods and how much to serve, consult your veterinarian.

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