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After training the dog is
doing “handshake” with Dr. Khan

Dogs are getting training from Dr. Khan

Dogs are getting training from Dr. Khan

The dog evolved form its wolf ancestors over 10,000 years ago, and since that time it has lived and worked with humans. The natural inclinations of the wolf were exaggerated through controlled breeding, and lines of dogs evolved bearing distinct abilities. Breeds were created for specific purposes. Such as hunting herding flocks of livestock, guarding campsites, and fighting flocks by our sides during battle.

Now it also used for identification of several elements like weapons, drugs explosives etc. Recently, dogs have been used to help deaf people, some being trained to indicate such sounds as a ringing telephone. But attaining the desired result depends on the effective training of the dog.



Dogs are getting training from Dr. Khan

Training is the jewel in the crown-the most important aspect of doggy husbandry. There is no more important variable influencing dog behavior and temperament than the dog’s education. A well- trained, well-behaved and good-mannered puppy/dog is always a joy to live with, but an untrained and uncivilized dog can be a perpetual nightmare. Moreover, deny the dog an education and she will not have the opportunity to fulfill her own canine potential: neither will sheave the ability to communicate effectively with her human companions.


Dogs are getting training from Dr. Khan

A puppy – the new addition to your family may already have received some basic house training before his arrival in your home If he has not, remember that a puppy will want  to relieve himself about half a dozen time a day . It is up to you to specify where and when he should do his business.Housebreaking is your first training concern and should begin the moment you bring the puppy home Ideally, puppies should be taken  outdoors after meals. As a full stomach will exert pressure on the bladder and colon. What goes into the period after his meal is the most natural and appropriate time. When he eliminates, he should be praised, for this will increase the likelihood of the same thing happening after every meal. He should also be encouraged to use the same and will probably be attracted to it after frequent use.

Luckily, modern psychological training methods are easy, effective and above all. Considerably dog-friendly and user-friendly. Doggy education is as simple as it is enjoyable. But before you can have a good time play-training with your new dog , you have to learn what to do and how to do it there is no bigger variable influencing the success of dog training than the owner’s experience and expertise. Before you embark on the dog’s education, you must first educate yourself,


Dogs are getting training from Dr. Khan

Dog training is neither a contest to see who is most powerful, nor an ego-boosting exercise. It is never necessary to use violence. It is however. essential to use common sense, be lavish with rewards, and have fun, good training is based upon mutual trust and respect. Above all a little love and affection by the master personally is most important.


The boy is giving training with the supervision of Dr. Khan

Even with conscientious training, some dogs still develop bad habits or behavioral problems: such as chasing livestock, aggression towards other dogs / peoples, destroying home appliances etc. this make them difficult to overcome, but slow, repetitive and consistent training is usually effective. You should always try to find and eliminate the cause of bad habits, e.g. dogs destroy homes when they are left alone. Because then they become bored, frustrated or suffering from separation anxiety.



The owner of the dog iss Mr. Ali Jaker                       

However, you should seek professional help for the most dangerous or worrying problems such as fear biting or aggression towards people and for getting a good companion.

If you already have your puppy dog training is a dine emergency – the clock is ticking, please call us now.                                                                                                                                   



Intelligent And Easy To Train

Every breed can be trained to learn almost every command. However, some breeds learn a lot faster than others – making them a lot easier to train. These highly intelligent breeds pick up a command after only about five or six repetitions, they more often respond on the first time you give the command, and they remember commands even if they aren’t practiced often. They also learn commands even when the trainer is inexperienced and makes mistakes.

So if you don’t have a lot of the time to spend dog training, or you’re the impatient type who gets frustrated easily, try to have patience , you will be successful.


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