Health Care

Teeth care
Now you can buy specially made toothpaste and brushes for your dog. These will help to ensure healthy teeth and gums throughout its life.

Giving Medicine
If your dog is co-operative you should be able to administer medicine orally suing a spoon .If not use a syringe. Give it slowly or the dog is likely to spit it out.

Ear cleaning
Remove dead with your fingers, use a dropper to put oily cleanser into the ear canal massages the base of the ear to spread it then clear oil or wax at the surface with cotton wool. Never poke into the ear canal.

Cropping and Docking
Cropping ears to make them erect is a common practice in many countries, but illegal in the UK. In breeds where it is traditional, tail docking is usually carried out soon after birth it seems to cause little pain, but has become controversial .There is no standard. Length for a docked tail in some breeds more is left intact than in others.

Dew Claws
The dew claw (equivalent of a   thumb) is the innermost digit on each foot, it is of no use to most domestic dogs, and is commonly removed at a very early age. However, it is essential for some breeds, such as the puffin Dog, as it aids mobility in rough terrain

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